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In-School Mentoring.

Project Description

What is Mentoring:

A percentage of children are not able to make positive decisions about how they live their life. Most children rely on the support of adults, others rely on their peers’ whilst some do not know how to seek support and have to fend for themselves. In the latter group, life and social skills can be very limited meaning they often get themselves into further trouble.

Mentoring is the act of supporting and guiding children who need assistance to make informed decisions in their life. The Mentoring that we offer has a strong notion of building the confidence, resilience and emotional well-being of the child whilst enhancing their social skills and sense of belonging.


Why should I consider Mentoring in my School:

Schools are designed for children to learn within set parameters. It’s designed for the ‘ideal’ child who can follow instructions without a problem. Unfortunately this does not happen in real life. The reality is that children come from different backgrounds, so how they approach a situation will also be very different. This is where we can support and offer a crucial service for those schools who feel that there is the need to go the extra mile to support their pupils, hence building the notion of the Every Child Matters. It is imperative to build the needs of individual children into the school’s plan for managing students. This is where the mentoring provides a solid foundation in developing and supporting the child so they can manage their behaviour. Significantly this mentoring by an external agency will serve to reduce negative conduct in the school environment and allow the teacher to get on with their core duty of ‘Teaching’.


Project Details

  • Date October 2, 2013
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