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Community Mentoring.

Project Description

Community Mentoring

We all need someone we can relate to, who will not judge or condemn us, but provide us with support, a listening ear and offer us guidance through both our good times and bad. IYC mentors do this for children and young people on a daily basis.
We believe mentoring support is absolutely crucial to implement as soon as a child starts to show signs of being unhappy and unsettled. If left, the child’s behaviour and attitude can be dramatically affected and become a barrier to achieving success. It is easy to start to blame him or her for not behaving well, but this is a symptom of underlying issues that will need the support of a caring individual to overcome.
Mentoring in the community is about developing the mentee’s social skills. It can happen in different settings as long as the mentee is comfortable in that environment. It is tailored towards the mentees’ individual needs and we do not have a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.
Our mentors are passionate about their role and provide a stable, relaxed, non-judgmental environment for the mentees to express themselves in. They often call on their own life-experiences as well as their extensive professional training to provide strategies and coping mechanisms for their mentees.

Project Details

  • Date October 2, 2013
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