Our vision for 2014

This year we believe we are moving into a time of peace. Ayo’s mission statement for Inspiration Youth Call in 2014 was about the two types of peace we experience in our line of work; the peace you experience and the peace you enjoy. 2014 is going to be the year we enjoy peace!

The peace we experience – Overcoming Challenges

The peace we experience is in our day to day jobs when overcoming a challenge. One of our mentors faced a challenge recently … The young person they had been assigned to mentor, told him that he didn’t like him and didn’t want to see him at all. This is a reaction that every mentor will experience at one time or another. Our mentor felt discouraged and wondered if he had said something wrong or messed up to make this young person feel this way. He spoke to a colleague to check if he had made a mistake. After listening carefully, his colleague told him that everything he had done was fine and to keep trying with this young person. The challenge was not to take the rejection personally….

Our mentor persevered and continued to meet up with the young person. To his surprise, after a couple more sessions the young person had completely changed. They looked forward to seeing their mentor and completely opened up to him about some of the problems they were facing.

Our mentor experienced peace once he had worked hard to not be discouraged. He saw that he was not the problem and this young person just needed someone to have patience and refuse to give up on them before they could be trusted. This is a brilliant peace that drives many of us to do what we do.

The peace we enjoy – Lessons learnt

The peace we experience opens up a new world where we can enjoy the peace we have earned through perseverance. Our mentor in the example above now is not discouraged if someone he mentors rejects him at first because he has seen this can be overcome. Instead he remains calm now and due to his experience knows not to take things personally. This is just one example of many that we have from 2013.

2014 – The year we can expect to enjoy peace

In 2013 and previous years, everyone in Inspiration Youth Call worked really hard and persevered to overcome many challenges to which has prepared us for this coming year. We have weathered many storms to see peace follow and we are now looking to make the most of enjoying the peace we have earned. 2014 will have many challenges but we are ready for them and we will keep calm to work through them!