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Our Staff.

Ayo Oshunremi

Chief Executive

IYC was set up as a result of Ayo’s difficult, challenging and disaffected background coupled with his own learning difficulties. Ayo attended University of East London where he obtained a degree in Education and Community Studies. He also has a level 4 mentoring qualification amongst other post qualification training.

Ayo commits that ‘no child is left behind’ in the care of their parents or the system. Ayo works directly in 4 schools supporting at least 30 pupils on a weekly basis. He is also involved directly and indirectly in running the youth clubs, mentoring and RDC. Ayo is responsible for developing mentors through 1-2-1 and group support. Ayo has the overall responsibility for all staff and projects within the IYC.

Ayo is one of the Senior Management Team (SMT) – the team meets regularly to discuss issues within the organisation, review working practices, set goals and monitor progress.

John Wilson

Lead Mentor

John has been with Inspiration Youth Call since 2008. John mentors children and young people in schools as well as in the community. In his role as a mentor John also support parents and careers.

John has a certificate in mentoring with the Institute of Counselling which was Accredited by the University  Of The West of Scotland. John has attended several training workshops including child protection, recognising sexual abuse in children to mention but few. John also lead the Stanford youth club.

Rob Broster

Lead Mentor

Rob is referred to as the ‘big kid’. Rob along with John has completed his mentoring course. Rob has a way of connecting with young people and their families.

Rob has interest in Keeping fit and playing computer games. Rob has coordinated many games parties for young people in the past and he is looking to do more in the near future.

Rob is a trained fitness instructor and has passion for keeping fit. He has attended several training workshops since joining Inspiration Youth Call and will continue to develop his career in the field.

Lade Oshunremi

Director of Operations

Lade has been with the company since inception. Lade attended University of North London and studied Combined Degree in Marketing and Business Operations Management, Lade also has a level 3 certificate in Advocacy with the University of Essex coupled with regular professional development training. She is also a member of the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) and IFL – Institute For Learning   Lade is the Child Protection Officer. She is part of the policy, strategy and development team.  She is also responsible for contract management, sourcing income, finance, budget and personnel aspects of IYC.

Lade is one of the Senior Management Team

Vicky Oshunremi

Youth Work Assistant

Vicky joined Inspiration as a youth work assistant to assist with finance related admin duties as well as support  children and young people during youth club sessions. Vicky is interested in photography therefore she will be using this skills to run workshops and support young people who are interested in photography session.

Vicky is interested in working with young people. Being a young person herself and the in-house training, Vicky will be able to show empathy and support children and young people in her care appropriately.

Olivia McLennan

Policy and Strategic Manager

Olivia’s role has changed several times since she started with Inspiration in 2009. She was originally the Peer mentoring Coordinator and then assumed other responsibilities. Olivia is one of the key personnel working at strategic level alongside Ayo and Lade to  coordinate the adoption of Quality Standards.

Olivia is a musician by profession. Olivia graduated from City University with a degree in Music and a certificate in Music Workshop Skills from Goldsmith College. Olivia has previously used her musical skills to engage young people in her role as a mentor.

Olivia is also one of the Senior Management Team.

Tola Oshunremi

Website Admin

Tola manages the company’s website. She is responsible for the development and updating of information on the site.

Tola is an undergraduate at Brunel University. Tola worked as a Peer Mentor before leaving for University.

Valerie Diver

Mentor (volunteer)

Valerie is Ayo Oshunremi’s second mum. She has been supporting Inspiration in voluntary capacity since 2008. Valerie has been to Nigeria with Ayo to deliver sessions in schools on few occasions. Valerie is very dear to us and we value her commitment to the work of Inspiration Youth Call. She continue to use her previous experience as a foster carer to support children, young people and their families.

Prior to volunteering with Inspiration Youth Call, Valerie worked in a Chemist before her retirement. She is an all round excellent volunteer who continue to support different organisations in voluntary capacity.

Madeline Davies

Brentwood Connect Project Assistant

Madeline Davies is the Assistant Project Officer for the Brentwood Connect Project. Madeline has extensive voluntary experience within a school setting. She is bringing with her wealth of experience gained through her work with children and young people and their families to support the project.

Madeline is a fantastic people person and will be  a great support to the Brentwood Connect project’s service users. 

Elke Priesen

Student Support / Youth Work Assistant

Elke’s professional career started as a building construction designer in Berlin/ Germany. Elke enjoy working with people and love to be of help wherever and whenever needed. She has a passion to work with children and be a positive role model to them. Elke works part time at the Right Direction Centre, a mentor and also works at Stanford and Purfleet youth clubs. Elke is a valuable member of IYC.


Elke obtained PTTLS certificate in 2011 which allows her to teach adults in the lifelong learning sector.


Paul Tufnell

Brentwood Connect Project Coordinator

Paul’s professional background is in motor vehicle engineering. However, Paul has real passion for working directly with people and not machinery. He likes to support and motivate young people. Paul is passionate about seeing people reach their full potential.

Paul has many years of experience working with children and their families. Prior to joining IYC, Paul was the Children Centre Coordinator in Brentwood and was responsible for 4 Centres. He has also worked in the capacity of an Extended School Coordinator. Paul will use his experience to support children, young people and their families under our care.

Alexandra Ratteray

Student Support Officer

Alexandra is one of the Student Support Officers at the Right Directions Centre. Alex has a strong secretarial and administrative experience from Insurance and reinsurance background in Bermuda. Alex also volunteer as a school helper at Willowbrook Community Primary School in Brentwood. Alex is looking forward to the challenge at RDC and to support the pupils referred to the centre.

Alex is a trained Postpartum Doula and in case you are wondering – (A postpartum doula is a trained, non medical professional who provides practical, confidential, non-judgmental, physical and emotional support following a birth or an adoption.)

Alex is interested in working with children, young people and their families.

Rebecca Melaragni

Brentwood Connect Admin / Youth Club Assistant

Rebecca is an interesting individual with resilient and bright outlook. She join IYC through the Youth Wage Incentive Scheme – this is a new Government programme aimed at supporting 18-24 year olds gain permanent employment through Ingeus.

Rebecca has life experiences that are just suited to the work of Inspiration. She studied BTec National in Childcare at South East Essex College. She also help out at her local Brownies, Rebecca will use her experience to support children, young people and their families.

Rebecca is part of Brentwood Connect Team and also support children and young people at all IYC youth clubs.

Sam Crane

Part Time Volunteer Coordinator / Brentwood Connect and IYC volunteer

Sam is providing much needed support to the team including the Right Directions Centre. Sam has been working within the Financial Services Industry for the last 15 years and has recently changed his focus in life to look after his young daughter and support local community projects.

Sam is a valuable member of the team and we hope that his support will continue and assist IYC to expand and grow.

Jessica Pennington

Sessional Youth Mentor

Jessica is working as a Sessional Youth Mentor and works very well with young people and their families. she is hands on and used her skills to support young people to aspire positively in life.

Prior to joining Inspiration Youth Call, Jessica worked as a Business Support Assistant in a busy Assessment and Child Protection Team with Essex County Council. Jessica is currently Studying English at Goldsmith University. Her interest is in working with children, young people and their families.

She is a great encourager, lively and full of energy.


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