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Diversity and Community Development.

Diversity and Community Development:
At Inspiration Youth Call, we believe that everyone is different; even identical twins are completely unique individuals! Our concept of diversity embodies the way we work and means treating people fairly, irrespective of culture, disability, financial status, religion or any other factor. We promote equal treatment for all.

We provide information and guidance on race issues. We strongly believe in the concept of community cohesion, and therefore, we support schools in the area of understanding people from different cultures. We assist schools to diffuse any racial tension amongst the young people, parents and school, by acting as a mediator, resulting in common understanding.

One of our aims is to contribute positively to the community through our work with young people and their families. We do this by taking an active part in community development strategies, policy development, managing change and lobbying on behalf of children, young people and their families.

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