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Corporate Sponsorship.

….Sponsor a desk create a future..Affiliate with IYC and invest in changing lives….

  • What do we do?

The financial and emotional pressures of the ever changing modern world can unfortunately lead to the breakdown of the family model. Our young people can then be left feeling isolated and vulnerable, struggling socially and unable to cope within the school system. The IYC provides an essential mentoring service to local schools in the Essex community for troubled children like these.

  • Our Vision:

We want to inspire children and young people to have hope, aspiration and a future. We will mentor them – re-building their confidence and helping them to develop skills for them to get on in later life.

  • Why should you sponsor us?

Supporting IYC will be a commitment to the community, allowing you to give something back that can make a real difference to local people’s lives. Corporate Sponsorship is a key driver to increase your company’s visibility and will continue to consolidate your brand name within the community and across the market place. By supporting us we hope to gain you respect with your existing customers and your association with us to be an additional attraction to any future ones.

We are also confident that our core values which we aim to impart in young people – of Hard work, a Solid Foundation, Integrity, Passion and Never giving up – will align with you own company values within your office environment and motivate your own staff.       

  • How can you sponsor IYC?

We are currently running a Sponsor a Desk Scheme at our day centre which will you enable to provide the support for a child for a year. We are always looking for equipment to assist in the students education and are happy to accept any form of donation or support.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and  for further details or to arrange a meeting at your earliest convenience please call Sam Crane on 07904456837or email :

….Sponsor a desk, create a future..Affiliate with IYC and invest in changing lives….

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