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Our Motivation

We are motivated by the belief that no one should be left behind, whatever their circumstances. We believe that everyone needs another opportunity and that the most vulnerable children, with our help and support, can transform their future.
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Our Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from the success stories of young people turning their lives around for good. Our inspiration also comes from seeing children and young people and families from low income households’ access leisure activities through our projects.
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Our Aim

We aim to improve the lives of children and young people’s health and emotional wellbeing. To assist families with building positive relationships by working closely with children and their parents.


We are motivated by the belief that no one should be left behind, whatever their circumstances.

Our Services

Inspiration Youth Call offer a range of Services:

  • Mentoring 
  • Community Mentoring 
  •  In-school mentoring 
  • Our History 
  • Our Motivation
  • Our Inspiration
  • Our Inspiration
    Peer Mentoring

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Latest News


New Offices

IYC has recently established a new office in Cambridge! More information to follow soon.... Read More →

A Family Fun Day!

You are invited to join us at Larchwood Gardens Children’s Centre this Saturday (Staurday 22nd Feb 2014) for a family... Read More →

Our Notion…

The family unit plays a critical role in our society and in the training of the generation to come… Abraham Lincoln

We believe everyone should have a right to a family life, whether that be a biological or an adopted one. Within all families there has to be a strong foundation of responsible parenting to allow healthy family relationships to thrive. A secure and caring family life will create grounded and assured individuals.

Our notion then is that families should work through their difficulties and differences together in a loving way, caring deeply and wanting the best for each other. If a member of the family struggles, they should unite to support them. If the family cannot provide the support, they should not fight to conceal the problem and be afraid of seeking external help from professionals.

We believe that children and young people should have a voice. They should be encouraged and nurtured to have opinions and made to feel that their opinions are valued.  At inspiration Youth Call, we take young people’s voices seriously, seeking feedback from them about the way we work and what services they would like. It is important to us that they do not just soak up all ideas from the adults around them but instead have the opportunity to question why and make their own informed decisions. We can still alter our course. It is not too late, we still have options. We need the courage to change our values to the regeneration of our families, the life that sounds us. ………. Chief Oren Lyons
We believe education is vitally important in the life of children and young people and they need to appreciate how imperative a good education really is. After all, these are the leaders of tomorrow who will be running the country one day. We promote the notion of education and the need to develop skills in a specific field beyond secondary school so they will make a valued contribution to the economy. Everyone should have the opportunity to have career aspiration, regardless of their background.
We know that we are all different, but we should be respected regardless of who we are. The key is not to ‘tolerate’ even though this word is politically accepted. At IYC we do not think people should be tolerated instead they should be ‘accepted’ and ‘respected’ for who they are.

Diversity is not just about skin colour, it goes beyond…………, it goes right deep into the heart. We are different, created differently, wired differently, have different preferences, perceive things differently, takes in information differently, have different abilities (physically and mentally), different skills, different capacity, different taste – the list goes on. We need to show respect and take care to accommodate without being judgemental.

Feedback from our Service Users

We were blown away by your passion and dedication to helping the younger generation; it seemed too good to be true to be honest
I want to carry on With IYC because no one else has helped me except IYC.


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